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We are a Southern Baptist Association of 61 Churches located in Clay, Cherokee and Graham counties of Western NC committed to worshipping and serving Jesus Christ. An Association is a group of like-minded Churches joining together to assist each other in Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints and Evangelizing the Lost. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to reach one more soul for Christ!

Each church is an autonomous body of believers who have joined together in spreading the gospel down the street and around the world. An Association does not exercise any authority over individual member churches nor does individual member churches exercise any authority over the Association. Member churches elect messengers to attend meetings and make decisions for the Association.

The purpose of Truett Baptist Association is to help member churches and their members become what they feel God has called them to be. We believe in evangelism, missions, education, ministry, cooperation, and  fellowship.

We want you to be a part of the blessings of God in the life of one of our churches. We'll bring you updates often on just what's happening at Truett Baptist Association and share the stories of how Christ is making a difference in lives of people.


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